Environment & Natural Resources

America’s cattlemen have a vested interest in sustainable environmental practices. After all, the industry thrives on multi-generational family operations, meaning land stewardship and best practices for green farming go hand-in-hand with managing a successful and long-term family business.

TCFA supports efforts to clarify that livestock manure is not a material subject to Superfund laws.

TCFA opposes EPA efforts to adopt a new farm dust standard that is twice as stringent and would require designation of several new non-attainment areas, crippling many agriculture and rural economies.

TCFA opposes cap and trade legislation that would increase producer operating costs and provide EPA with rulemaking authority to establish and enforce performance standards for greenhouse gas emissions.

TCFA opposes efforts to increase federal jurisdiction over water by removing the “navigable” requirement in the definition of “waters of the U.S.” 

TCFA supports the rule of capture and believes that groundwater is the real, vested property of private landowners with limited, reasonable regulation, based on sound scientific principles, by locally elected groundwater conservation districts to ensure beneficial future use.

TCFA worked with other Texas agriculture and landowner groups to pass legislation that clarifies that landowners have an ownership interest in the groundwater below their property and have a constitutionally-protected right to drill and produce groundwater subject to regulation by groundwater conservation districts.