Beef Trade

With 96 percent of the world's population living outside the United States, increasing exports of U.S. beef into foreign markets is critical to the growth and sustainability of the U.S. beef cattle industry. TCFA strongly supports trade initiatives that reduce tariff barriers to access for U.S. beef. Trade agreements should be based on science-based, internationally recognized animal health standards, and TCFA is committed to adhering to and holding our trade partners to those same standards. As a result of our modern production practices and science-based animal health and inspection systems, the U.S. cattle industry produces the highest-quality, safest beef in the world. The goal of U.S. agricultural trade policy should be to make our product as competitive as possible in the world market.

U.S. Meat Export Federation

The following links provide additional information on the potential benefits of  the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) for beef, beef products, hides and the TCFA-area states:

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