About Us


No association can operate efficiently without a staff to coordinate and provide membership services. In these days of complex government regulations, legislative issues and environmental concerns, the TCFA staff keeps the Association’s membership informed by providing the latest in information, technology, management practices and administrative services.

President & CEO – Ross Wilson

Vice President – Ben Weinheimer

Administrative Assistant – Shannon Standley

Controller – Christie Culp

Director of Government Relations – Josh Winegarner

Director of Communications – Carmen Fenton

Director of Market, Membership & Education – Brady Miller

Feedyard Services Manager – Matt Davis

Accounting Coordinator – Laura Cook

Insurance/IT Specialist – Kristi Gillispie 

Market & Membership Coordinator – Rachel Hernandez

Office Manager/Receptionist – Andria Jones

Feedyard Services Assistant – Michael Massey

Feedyard Services/Regulatory Programs Coordinator – Cynthia Riojas

Market & Membership Assistant– Brenda Waits

Communications Coordinator – Madeleine Bezner

Government Relations Coordinator – Savanna Barksdale