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Grain-fed beef has become a consumer favorite thanks to its unique flavor and tenderness. By producing approximately 3 billion pounds of grain-fed beef per year, TCFA member feedyards make an enormous contribution to meeting domestic and global demand for beef protein. 

Beyond its incredible taste, beef is a good source of many nutrients people need in their daily diets. Among food products, beef has few rivals when it comes to the versatility it offers in ways to cook and enjoy it.

Beef Checkoff
The Beef Checkoff is the driving force behind enhancing beef's appeal to consumers.  A producer-funded program, the Beef Checkoff's efforts in new product development, research and promotion have helped assure people around the world that they can rely on U.S. beef to be safe, wholesome and nutritious.

Texas Beef Council
The Texas Beef Council represents the state's 149,000 beef producers who are committed to bringing safe, high-quality, delicious and wholesome beef to America's dinner table! Texas beef producers fund the Texas Beef Council through the $1 per head beef checkoff program. 

Beef Loving Texans
Beef Loving Texans is the consumer brand of the Texas Beef Council. They help consumers who are "Beef Loving Texans" by providing them with delicious recipes, cooking tips and Texas Stories.

Facts About Beef
This website provides consumers with anything and everything from hot topics to frequently asked questions about beef production, food safety, nutrition, animal care, environment and the beef communtiy.