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Proposed policies are discussed in depth in TCFA committee meetings before being presented to the TCFA Board for approval. The committee system has served the Association well since its inception. With 15 to 20 members on most committees, there are few viewpoints that are not explored.

Allied Industries:  To identify emerging industry issues; assist in planning education programs; assist in fundraising activities; and recommend membership policy for industry associates.

Arbitration:  To render decisions on cattle feeding disputes submitted by TCFA members.

Arbitration Appeals:  To render decisions on cattle feeding disputes that have been appealed.

BEEF-PAC:  To raise funds for and make political contributions to candidates that support TCFA philosophy.

Budget and Audit:  To plan and monitor Association finances.

Employee Safety:   To make recommendations for safety programs and provide input into the workers' compensation insurance program.

Finance and Taxation:  To develop positions on tax legislation and regulations and provide information on tax and financial issues to members.

Human Resources:  To identify emerging human resource issues; recommend and develop appropriate educational and vocational training programs; and assist members with human resource issues.

Industry Relations:  To promote cattle feeding in TCFA member feedyards; make recommendations to support the beef checkoff program; and create an awareness of the economic impact of cattle feeding.

Legislative and Regulatory:  To develop positions on legislation and regulations – current, proposed or needed – that affect the cattle feeding industry and provide information on regulations to members.

Market:  To develop positions on issues affecting the marketing of cattle; suggest improvements in the reporting on cattle and beef sales; and recommend enhancements to the market information system.

Research:  To identify research needs of the cattle feeding industry in the TCFA area; sponsor or assist in obtaining funds for needed research; and represent TCFA research interest on a national level.